First Time Planning a European Vacation

We’re going to Europe! I have always wanted to visit Italy, that’s where my family is from, after all. So we (my boyfriend and I) decided to make it a full on 3-week vacation and visit Germany, France and the Netherlands too. My mother and brother are joining us for half of the trip as well! What fun!

saving for paradise falls

This is how we save for our trip

This is the first of a series of posts about planning our trip to Europe. Since I am “the planner” in the family, I have taken it upon myself to plan out our itinerary. I decided that I wanted to plan the trip my way, rather than take a tour. Most people recommend taking a guided tour and having a guide make all the reservations for you (that is starting to sound nice, right about now). But I thought, I can do it! I want to be on MY schedule and do what I want to do.

Oh but there is so much to do! Plane tickets, train tickets, hotels/apartments, reservations and car rentals, oh my! I have been planning this trip little by little for the past couple months. I thought planning out food for a 4-day camping trip was hard… this vacation reaches is a whole other level.┬áIt is a challenge but I LOVE it and I know it will be worth it in the end.

Through trial and error of planning this vacation, I am happy to share some things that have worked for me so far: Continue reading